Apr 232004

I found this article pitting the Canon EOS 10D vs the EOS 300D (Digital Rebel).

As much as I’d like to have purchased the Canon EOS 10D, I’m quite happy with Canon’s EOS 300D (Digital Rebel). The price was far cheaper and allowed me to purchase an extra lens. I could have purchased another lens, but I was still in the testing phase. There are some extra features on the 10D, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t missed them yet. Of course, I don’t have a macro lens yet, but even still, I think I’m going to be happy with the results when I do have one. From the photos I have seen with the 10D and the photos I’ve taken on the 300D, it’s hard for me to tell the difference. Both cameras take excellent pictures, theres no doubt about it. I’m thrilled that I made the leap from film to digital and the Digital Rebel was the right choice for me. Feel free to add your comments.


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