May 162004

For those of you dreaming of making a lot of $$$ and making it famous on the internet with your photographs, artwork, articles or whatever, you might like to read from someone who’s been there, tried that. It’s a nice article on the personal history of Philip Greenspun.

“My career turned around one brisk fall day in 1993 when I typed “mosaic” on a UNIX workstation at MIT. A document appeared with text and color pictures mixed together, just like a magazine page. I clicked the mouse on a word and a page appeared from a computer in Australia. Another click brought up a video clip from France. Clicking on a small picture made it grow into a large picture. Without knowing how to do more than click a mouse, I could grab and view about 30 different kinds of documents from over a million servers around the world. I had discovered the World Wide Web and, although it contained almost no new technology, it was the most exciting thing I’d seen in computer science for 15 years”

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