May 212004

EOS Viewer Utility (EVU) downloads JPEG and RAW files from EOS digital SLRs, can convert RAW images and allows the modification of camera settings. EVU will NOT convert RAW images from PowerShot cameras.

Supported Cameras:
EOS Digital Rebel
EOS-1D Mark II

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May 212004

“Citing the security of 7 million daily riders, 48,000 employees and its transportation network, New York City Transit yesterday proposed a ban on unauthorized photography, filming and videotaping on city subways, buses and Staten Island Railway trains. The press and businesses or individuals with permits would be exempt.”

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I don’t want to get into a first amendment rights argument or anything, and I can certainly understand the need for added security. But I’m curious though. How in the world does NYC think they will ever prevent cameras and videotape recorders from being in the subways except for members of the press and individuals who have to write to some head transit honcho to get permission? Technology is getting smaller and smaller with every new device released on the market these days. There are a bunch of digicams already out on the market that easily fit into a coat pocket. All someone would have to do is slit a hole in a jacket pocket and film or take all the photos they want. Nobody would be the wiser.

I’ve never been to NYC, nor do I have any idea what the city must still be going through, so I guess I should keep my mouth shut. I can’t imagine what it would be like to try to secure an entire city from terrorists. The words “nearly impossible” come to mind. I wouldn’t mind hearing some thoughts on this from those living in New York City.

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