Apr 262007

It’s been a long time coming. No, not a comment in the news, rather a new vehicle to post the news. The old blog made by bblog hasn’t had any updates from the developers in quite a while. In fact, while doing some searching on their site, I discovered a message that said they aren’t doing any more updates and are working on a new project. Great. It’s a shame the old project wasn’t kept up because it had potential. Modifying the templates was a little difficult and took me a few days. Learning the bbcode wasn’t hard at all. Overall, it was a solid application, until the spam came a knocking.

The old blog has been hit hard by spam over the past year and I finally made some time to do something about it. Enter Word Press. It’s a blog application that’s been around for a while, but since I was already running bblog, I never gave it much thought….until now. I’ve spent the last month or so, getting all the old entries over to the new system. So far, I love it. It’s a huge leap into the future from bblog. The user interface is awesome. It’s been sluggish here and there but overall, each time I use it, I see something new and cool. I’ve become more adept at CSS design over the past few years, so I’m not sure if it was bblog or CSS in general, but making a template for Word Press was pretty much a breeze. A couple of hours of fine tuning the CSS and voila. It was finished. The hardest part about this whole conversion was manually copying and pasting all the old entries over to the new system. Actually, it wasn’t the copying and pasting. It was converting all the bbcode over to regular html.

Ok, enough about the blog. This should be about photography. I’ll be keeping an eye on the spam for a while and if Word Press can keep it at bay, hopefully this system will be here on Dobson Central for some time to come.

As always, if you have any issues with this, or if you just want to voice your opinions about the change to the new system and how it looks (good or bad), please post a comment.

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