May 272007

When it rains, it pours. It’s never usually a good thing either. Why is that?

I had to travel earlier this week to San Diego on business. The trip went fine. I had a good time. I was even anxious coming home, looking forward to seeing my son and his smiling face as I picked him up from school, early.

I should have known it wasn’t going to be a good week. On Tuesday, the day before I drove home, I find out that the Ford dealership was charging us $225 to replace some vacuum lines that had been chewed through by a lovely packrat. My four wheel drive wouldn’t engage, so I figured it would be easy enough to drop it off to be fixed before I left. What do I care if it’s in the shop for three days while I’m gone? I didn’t need it. I kinda had a feeling that it was something a packrat had chewed through and I was also expecting it to be a vacuum line somewhere. Simple enough fix, but I wasn’t expecting some rubber/plastic tubing to cost THIS much.

Ok, so I bite the bullet and pay for it. I pick up my son from school and his smiling face. We even spent a little time at the car wash before coming home, since the truck was filthy. Yeah. Not really cool father and son stuff, but for a 7 year old, he was in heaven when he got to use the jet powered washer on the truck. Nonetheless, it’s time spent with each other. We had fun.

Bad things come in three’s. Again, why is that?

When we arrive home, the sliding glass door in the back of the house was wide open. At first, I’m thinking my wife or son must have accidentally left it open before they left the house. It could happen. I walk to the front of the house and see our entertainment center doors were open. Not a big deal. My son doesn’t always pick up after himself. It’s understandable. It too, could happen. In fact, it has happened in the past. So, I continue around a corner and see a container we keep change in, on the floor, in the hallway. Normally it resides on a shelf in my office. That’s when it hit me. Someone had robbed my home.

I called the police and then waited for about ten minutes. All the while I spent waiting while my son is doing his best to keep from going into histerics. The police arrived, swept the house and found nobody around. Afterwards, I was able to walk through the house to see what all was taken. First, I noticed that our Nintendo gamecube and all the games were gone in the living room. Then the playstation 2 and all of its games in my master bedroom was gone as well. TV’s, DVD players, stereo equipment and all of our movies were still here. Even our computers were still in the house. Ok. This isn’t too bad. Just some kids busted in and took the game systems and about $40 bucks in change. That’s it? Not too bad, I think to myself. It could have been worse. They could have taken all of my. . . .

That’s when I discovered what was missing in the office. All of my CAMERA EQUIPMENT WAS GONE! They left the tripod and tripod head (almost $400 in value) but took my camera bag, which was fully packed. The bag contained both of my extenders, camera, macro lens, wide angle lens, memory cards, etc. The whole nine yards. They also took my Canon L lens, which was stored in a carrying case all on its own. The 100-400mm lens. The big boy of lenses. The one that cost more than the camera itself. All gone.

Now, I’ve had a few days to recover from this. After all, it’s only material things that can all be replaced. Over $8,000 of it (3/4 of it was the camera gear), but nonetheless, it can be replaced. My son on the other hand, is still taking this pretty hard. He’s afraid to walk around the house by himself, let alone sleep in his own bed by himself. I spent the following day on the phone making calls to the insurance and security companies. I set up an installation the following day to have a security system put into my house. Another $200 for the installation, not to mention the $32.99 a month to monitor it for the next three years. Piece of mind. Right? For my wife and I, yes. My son? He’s still traumatized over all this and the security system doesn’t seem to be easing his mind at all. In fact, it’s almost like it’s a constant reminder of what happened. After all, they broke in through the sky light through HIS bathroom, took his nintendo gamecube, 20 of his games for the system, and all of his cash in his bedroom. For a 7 year old, I can’t imagine anything tougher, short of witnessing a death in the family.

I did say bad things come in three’s. Right? Right. So we have the high bill for the four wheel drive, the robbery and having to install a security system to prevent future events like this from happening. It’s Saturday evening, almost Sunday. The week is finally coming to end. Or is it?

Memorial day weekend. We have an extra day to recover from the burglary. Great! Can’t wait to start putting this behind us. Hold the phones! This is when our house decides to kick us when we’re down and our main line for our plumbing decides to plug up. Not just a clogged sink or a toilet mind you. The whole enchilada. Nothing is going down. The showers are backing up with filthy stuff from the septic, toilets have nowhere to flush, and leak out around the floor. Gross stuff. Smelly stuff. Remember, this is a holiday weekend. You know what the means? Plumbers can rake in the dough because they’d rather be barbequing with their families, like the rest of us. So, for a 20 minute job to use a snake and clear the blockage, another $220 is gone.

It’s Sunday evening. A three day weekend. Does the week end today or after the holiday? I sure hope the week ends today, because I don’t want to know what else can happen tomorrow? I’m in the mood for some good news. Let it be the police saying they caught the people that did this and that they’ll be going to prison for at least 10 years, plus however many years it takes for my son to get over this. Let it be our insurance company paying us over an above what was lost, so we can recover every single item that was taken. I could use some good news right about now. . .

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  1. The worst week continued on into the following week. We had to drop off our other vehicle because it had a leak in the rear tire and it needed an oil change. Come to find out, the tires were needing to be replaced and several other items needed taken care of. Only a mere $1100 to have everything taken care of. On the bright side, the vehicle had to be in good condition to make the trip to Scottsdale, Az and back, and at the end of this month, another round trip to San Diego. This time, it’s a vacation from all this madness.

    So, I guess bad things don’t just stop at three’s. . .

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