Sep 052007

I mentioned the colorless sunrise that happened after the meteor shower. Well here it is. Nothing worth writing home to mom about, but in case you were wondering what it looked like. There appeared to be more color in the original, than the resized version below.

Click the thumbnail to see a somewhat larger version (not the original version).

Catalina Sunrise

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Sep 052007

As promised, here is the one capture of the meteor shower. As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s not impressive by any means. You’ll notice lots of red dots throughout the photo. These are not stars. This is caused by the image sensor in the camera. There is a noise reduction on the camera, however I opted not to use this option this time around. I’ve used it in the past and it works, but severely slows down your photography time. For those that have never used this, what it actually does, is take two pictures, each with the same exposure time. So, for this thirty minute exposure, I would have had to wait for an hour, just to see this shot. I opted not to use this because I can do the same in photoshop, by taking the same exposure time with the lens cap on and applying the difference to the two photos. It works the same way, as far as I know. I did this on a few photos with my old camera and it worked fine. Had this photo been deserving of this process, I would have applied it, but alas, you get to see the image sensor noise.

This photo has been scaled down to be web friendly. Click the thumbnail to see a somewhat larger version. The original size is far larger than this.

Star Trails

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