Oct 182007

You have to admire the dedication and talent of this artist, who uses a typewriter to create some amazing artwork.

Oct 122007

Think Tank Photo photography bag The folks over at Think Tank Photo are having a contest from November 16th through December 15th where they will be giving away a free photo bag, every day during the contest. You only need to enter once and you could be selected during the contest time frame.

You can enter the contest here.

After entering the contest, be sure to check out their article on Fear for Your Gear While Running Through the Airport, Part 1. I found it to be an informative and interesting read. It’s filled with all sorts of insight from many photographers who have travelled all over the world.

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Oct 112007

Bad Hair Day #1 (Click to enlarge)

Bad Hair Day #2 (Click to enlarge)

About an hour after arriving at Sweetwater this past weekend, we packed it up and went over to Christopher Columbus park, where we spotted this duck that was having a really bad hair day. Soon after seeing this duck, one of the regular visitors approached me and told me they had named the duck “Donna“, after another visitor who often frequented the park. About 5 years ago, a beautician by the name of Donna had left Tucson and moved to Florida. This beautician, apparently had some kind of wild and wicked looking hairdo that stood up all crazy-like. Only a few short weeks after Donna had left for Florida, this duck with the crazy looking head of hair came to stay at the park and the locals promptly named her after the beautician. So, if you ever find yourself over at Silverbell lake at Christopher Columbus park, be sure to check out Donna the duck.

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Oct 102007

Do not drink waste water

I made a trip over to Sweetwater Wetlands/Refuge to get some bird photography in this past weekend. There wasn’t much happening over there. I saw a few ducks and a couple of cranes, but other than that, there weren’t a lot of birds.

On my way out, I saw this sign and thought to myself why would anyone want to drink from waste water?? I guess a better question would be, did somebody already drink from the water and now they have to post signs?

Click the photo above to see a larger version.

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