Nov 072007

I came across an interesting blog post today about where a photographer was harassed by a security officer for taking pictures of a building.  A few weeks ago I stumbled across another posting where a photographer was being harassed at a local soccer event for kids by some parents.  In both cases, the police can’t do anything about this, as long as they were not on private property or there was no reason or expectation of privacy (aka public place).

While I personally have never been harassed in a public place (in a government facility is another story), I have found some of these stories intriguing at what could happen.  In any case, while reading todays story, I came across a few interesting sites that had documentation from their research and state laws.  I thought a reprint of these here might benefit those that might be interested.   It might just come in handy to keep a copy of these with your gear, just in case you encounter some of these ignorant people saying it’s “illegal to photograph” (insert location here).

 Legal Rights of PhotographersLegal Rights of Photographers  The Photographers RightsThe Photographers Right

The Legal Rights of Photographers was published by Andrew Kantor on his web site.  His posting on this, along with a LOT of interested comments, can be found at Andrew Kantor’s Place. The Photographers Rights was posted by Bert P. Krages. He has also written a couple of books pertaining to this subject.  You can find more info on Mr. Krages’ site.

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