Aug 122012

I had no intention of losing sleep over this meteor shower, as I have in the past.  Unfortunately, my bladder got me up at 3 am and curiosity got the better of me.  As I stepped outside, I was shocked to see clear skies since it’s still monsoon season in Tucson.  Upon looking up, I was impressed with seeing several shooting stars and it was unusually dark outside, with the exception of the moon.  I could see all sorts of stars out.  So, I grabbed my gear and quickly set up shop on my back porch, shooting away from the moon (I didn’t want to have each shot over exposed.)  I started up my intervalometer and went back to bed.  Of course, I couldn’t sleep and after an hour of laying there, I finally just got up and made the best of a very early morning.

I should have just went back to bed and forgot about looking outside.  I didn’t capture a single meteor streak in the sky.  I did manage to capture some star trails, but also failed at composing the shot and eliminating the power lines and part of my roof line.  #FirstWorldProblems.  🙂  The black and white processing was simply to make the star trails stand out a little better against the light blue morning sky.

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