May 192004

Oreilly has just released a book called Digital Photography hacks.

Here’s a little description:

“Going beyond the standard fare of most digital photography books, Digital Photography Hacks shares the knowledge that professional photographers have learned through thousands of shots’ worth of experience and years of experimentation. With exquisite, full-color photos throughout, the book presents 100 proven techniques in the areas of daytime and nighttime photo secrets, flash magic, digital camera attachments, fun photo projects, camera phone tricks, and more. This book is your passport to taking the kind of digital photos you’ve always aspired to.”

More about the book and some free sample hacks can be found here.

What else could be cooler you ask? Well, the same author (Derrick Story), has released 5 more photography hacks.

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May 182004

I’ve often had to look at photos more than once, twice, or even more with the ever growing talent of photoshop users. I love photoshop, don’t get me wrong, but how many times have you looked at a photo and immediately think to yourself “That can’t be real”? Well below is an opinionated article where David Hockney explains that “In five years time I don’t think you will need to believe any kind of photograph from any source.”.

“Photographs have been much in the news. The most powerful government in the world has been badly shaken by one portfolio of shots of American soldiers mistreating Iraqi prisoners. Meanwhile, one of the most prominent figures on Fleet Street has been blown right out of his editorial chair by another set of British soldiers in Iraq, because they turned out to be a hoax.”

Read the full article here

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May 162004

For those of you dreaming of making a lot of $$$ and making it famous on the internet with your photographs, artwork, articles or whatever, you might like to read from someone who’s been there, tried that. It’s a nice article on the personal history of Philip Greenspun.

“My career turned around one brisk fall day in 1993 when I typed “mosaic” on a UNIX workstation at MIT. A document appeared with text and color pictures mixed together, just like a magazine page. I clicked the mouse on a word and a page appeared from a computer in Australia. Another click brought up a video clip from France. Clicking on a small picture made it grow into a large picture. Without knowing how to do more than click a mouse, I could grab and view about 30 different kinds of documents from over a million servers around the world. I had discovered the World Wide Web and, although it contained almost no new technology, it was the most exciting thing I’d seen in computer science for 15 years”

Read the full article here

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May 132004

Apparently this is quite old news, as it was posted back in January on The Register. I just read this today. (Boy am I behind the times).

“If you want evidence that digital photography is on the verge of supplanting film, look no further than Kodak. The world’s largest photography specialist will this year phase out the sale of its 35mm film cameras in North America and Western Europe.”

Full Article

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May 122004

Ken Rockwell has written an informative article that compares the two classes of digital cameras – point and shoot and SLR. I’d have to agree with his findings, but then again, I want to have the ability to take professional quality photos and not snapshots. If you are in the market to buy a digicam, I’d at least read his article first, as well as any other reviews on the cameras you are thinking about buying. A little knowledge never hurt anyone.

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May 102004

I found this article over at Steves Digicams today. I have yet to fill up a CD with my “negatives” so to speak with my 300D photos, yet the thought has crossed my mind about how long will the CD actually last and should I make more than one. Well having more than one backup is always smart, but if you back up on more than one CD and both CD’s have the same life, what’s the point? Well this article shed some light on the type of CD-R’s to buy. For those that want to skip the article and just go straight to the CD-R source, then your wish is my command. If you want to read the article however, head over to the Sunday Morning Photographer at Steves Digicams.

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Apr 232004

I found this article pitting the Canon EOS 10D vs the EOS 300D (Digital Rebel).

As much as I’d like to have purchased the Canon EOS 10D, I’m quite happy with Canon’s EOS 300D (Digital Rebel). The price was far cheaper and allowed me to purchase an extra lens. I could have purchased another lens, but I was still in the testing phase. There are some extra features on the 10D, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t missed them yet. Of course, I don’t have a macro lens yet, but even still, I think I’m going to be happy with the results when I do have one. From the photos I have seen with the 10D and the photos I’ve taken on the 300D, it’s hard for me to tell the difference. Both cameras take excellent pictures, theres no doubt about it. I’m thrilled that I made the leap from film to digital and the Digital Rebel was the right choice for me. Feel free to add your comments.


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Apr 132004

I stumbled across a site yesterday and a pretty good article I thought would be of interest to other photographers. Here’s a small clip from the article:

Throughout my life in photography, for one reason or another, I have spent, and still spend, considerable time viewing the work of other photographers. Those that stand out based on photography alone (the only thing that matters) have one obvious and pervasive quality – focused vision.

You can read the entire article here.

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