Jan 162014


It was only a matter of time with GPS in cameras and people from all over the world posting photos on the internet before someone decided to come up with something way cool like this.  Check out Sights Map, which shows off heat signatures of the places most photographed around the globe.  Should be interesting to see if we can look and find new areas to photograph on this awesome planet of ours.

The Worlds Most Photographed Places

The Worlds Most Photographed Places

Nov 202012

I’ve always been a fan of motocross, supercross and dirt bikes in general.  Mix that with my love of photography and you get a cool stop motion picture like this.

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Oct 122010

This morning I stumbled across a video done with the Tilt-Shift effect, which lead me to another, so I had to share.

Vimeo appears to be loading a little slow, so if the videos are not showing above, give it a minute to load.

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