About the Photographer

First off, let me thank you for visiting my web site. I have been shooting photos since around 1975. In all honesty however, my first 35mm camera came much later in 1986 and that is when I was truly bitten by the shutter bug. In 2003, I switched from film to digital and haven't looked back.

I consider myself a generalist when it comes to photography. My main love lies with landscape and night photography. In 2004 a new interest of avian photography came into play. Birds are abundant and serve as a nice challenge for me because of their skittish nature. While my interests may change in the future, my photo gallery will always reflect my current activities. No matter what my current interests may be, landscapes and night photography will always remain my number one love.

This web site is my outlet to share my photos with family, friends and anyone who has a love for photography. If you would like to use some of my photos on another web site or for a specific project, all I ask is you first contact me. I generally don't have an issue with this and all I ask for in return is a link back to this web site.

Once again, thank you for visiting.

Ken Dobson

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